This is a research blog of scriptwriter and director Mariia Ponomarova.


Here you can find work on the method of building character in film

that was developed by Mariia during the Master programme of Netherlands Film Academy.


Start from the “Research” page and look at the summary of the presented research publication. Then proceed to the menu:

To find explicit information about the method of Resonance – click “Method”.

To learn about the artistic trajectory of Mariia that led her to this point of the research – click “Past”.

If you are interested in a case study and want to explore the method tutorial through it- click “Present”.

“Future” category consist of a critical reflection on developed process,

a projection of future research plans and will be updated in a form of the blog after the Graduation.

At the “Vocabulary” you will find the definitions of the main terms that are used in the research.


By choosing a category from the “Context” you can find supportive materials in a form of on-going blog:

“Makers” – is an archive of the interviews, meetings, talks, panels,

discussions with filmmakers who are working and reflecting on the subject of the building a character in different artistic fields.

“References” – is an archive of cinematic works that are remarkable examples of  building appealing and interesting characters.

“Literature” – is an archive of books, articles, researches, publications that are relevant to the topic of building character in film.


If you are curious about the Mariia’s biography, professional experience – choose “About me”.

“Artistic statement” will give you an insight about Mariia’s artistic position.

Enjoy the journey!